Mind Your Business!

The rate at which some people automatically assume and make up stuffs about other people could probably make the statue of liberty cringe, which is not even the bad part.

Now, the bad part is that they use their assumptions to create ridiculous perceptions of other people’s lives, and expect their perceptions to be highly valid. I am sure that asking questions, or probably not even bothering one’s self with how other people run their lives is not rocket science or quantum physics.

Do not get the wrong idea. I do care about people a lot, and I would love to know things about them. This does not translate to me automatically thinking I know them 100%, I can barge into their private or not so private lives, and I can predict them. Am I making any sense here? I really do hope so.

Another thing that irks me is when people have this sense of having an opinion over anyone they come across. I mean, I understand the right to exercise the freedom of speech, but wisdom is when to exercise that freedom. It is quite annoying when every Tom has an advise, opinion or something to say about your life. Even if it was not sought out. Please people, mind yourselves.

Lastly, respect people! It won’t require sweat, tears, or blood to do so. Their lives, decisions, boundaries, privacy, etc. Even if they are going downhill, do not come off as a Psychoanalyst, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Physiologist, Dentist, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, or Scientist, etc. Respect people, no matter their position or level. Respect is reciprocal.



Author: oyetolani

An indisputable fact is that I love writing, among other things that I love to do. Some consider me to be really nice and caring, while others think I am snub. I am actually mix of both, just saying. I do not want to be perceived as a narcissist so I hereby stop here.

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