Self Image Perception

As I watched a Korean programme (Do not mind my flair for watching Korean programmes.), a topic of discussion was on how a girl was constantly being criticized by her family for being “overweight”. Apparently, she came on the show to speak of how it affected her emotionally, mentally and physically.

I thought maybe her family members were suffering from terrible sight as she did not look obese, plump, chubby, etc. Then, I concluded that her family members have serious mental issues, when she said she was about 160 cm tall, and weighed 55 kg. Immediately I heard her body stats, my jaw dropped LITERALLY. I mean, I am about 165 cm tall, and weigh 65 kg and I thought to myself that if I were to be in that family, I would have been getting worse treatments.

A senior in high school with great prospects, who had to go through this sort of treatment from her family members because to them she is obese, unattractive and a pig. She said on the show that she eats more, does not concentrate in school, and has low self esteem. She really had a poor self image of herself. I was seriously concerned for her. Her family members stupidly assumed that the only way for her to lose the fictitious weight, was to make her extremely uncomfortable by attacking her emotionally. What an appalling thought! Like this saying goes, “some are mad, but few are roaming on the streets”. They just do not know that they are lunatics.

They wanted her to weigh about 45 kg, because it is in vogue. Female celebrities such  as actresses, singers, etc., were used as the yardstick for how she should appear physically. Then I knew “craziness” was begging to be left alone in that family. I wanted to be pissed, but I was just too sad for her. She is just in the wrong family to begin with.

Based on the Korean shows that I usually watch, I ASSUME that they do not take too lightly ladies who aren’t really slender; they are not deemed attractive enough. As a presumed strong homogeneous country, diversity and open-mindedness are still taking their baby steps. I really wished I was at the girl’s side to console her, and tell her that she is beautiful beyond measures.

Knowing myself, I quickly rebuff people (whosoever they are) who think of trying to talk to me about any aspect of my physical appearance, which does not seem nice to them. I wished to tell her to take a cue from that. There’s this popular saying in Nigeria, which is “who e epp?” It means (not literally), what situation has been curtailed by worrying about nonsense.

To whosoever receives backlash, and is depressed about his or her self image, LOVE YOURSELF! That is the first step of getting past your current situation. If you do not love yourself enough to think of positive things, who would? Except God! Don’t worry, be happy! Hakuna Matata! The world won’t stop for you or your thoughts. So pick yourself up, shake off negativity, enjoy every moment like it’s your last, and do not for once decide to spare anytime for naysayers. They unfortunately just occupy space on earth.



Author: oyetolani

An indisputable fact is that I love writing, among other things that I love to do. Some consider me to be really nice and caring, while others think I am snub. I am actually mix of both, just saying. I do not want to be perceived as a narcissist so I hereby stop here.

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