Human Diversity, Good or Bad?

Diversity for a fact overshadows homogeneity. Some say it is good, while others say it is bad. My thoughts? Read along! 

I have always viewed diversity from an enclosed point of view. In others word, it was like wanting different colours of apples, instead of having different types of fruits. Oh! You thought diversity is as easily understood as it seemed? Haha! I had that mindset for quite a while, until I changed my environment. By the way, one’s environment contributes to one’s perception of things. The change of environment caused a shift in my perception, as I saw things differently. What I also noticed was that a vast majority of people preach the embrace of diversity, but I was quite surprised at the amount of those people who do not practice it.

According to University of Toledo‘s definition, Human diversity is variety in group presence and interactions. It includes, but is not limited to, age, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, disabilities, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national origin.

You really do not know about a situation, until you experience it. Well, it is quite true. It is just not a bogus statement. I thought that diversity was just to accept people without putting any other factor before their character and personality. Lo and behold, it was far more than that. It is more than being open-minded, or western. Definitely greater than being a religious person.

To be diversified, you must be able to love. I do not mean conditional love, or love that fluctuates depending on one’s mood or contact person. Genuine and pure love that does not define or categorize a person based on age, religion, gender, race, etc. We all are too selfish to love that way, including me. Sometimes I fall prey to being biased based on some of the above group descriptions, but the good thing is that I realise my mistakes and learn from them. People scream equality, not knowing what it entails. It is definitely not like ordering a Domino Pizza, nor is it rocket science. Division has always existed right from time, but acceptance of this division is the solution via love.

Although love is generic, there are other ways to be diversified depending on the setting. Professionalism, fairness, respect, among others are definitely encourages diversification. I am hopeful that it will get better. Hatred, selfishness, close-mindedness, lack of exposure definitely won’t be eradicated totally from this world. As long as there is good, there would always be bad, they are more like Ying and Yang. I believe that more people will be more diversified. Like I previously mentioned, it is not like ordering Domino pizza, nor is it Rocket Science. We all just have to be hopeful.

Oyetolani Oyeleye

[Image Credit: Sustainability Degrees]



Author: oyetolani

An indisputable fact is that I love writing, among other things that I love to do. Some consider me to be really nice and caring, while others think I am snub. I am actually mix of both, just saying. I do not want to be perceived as a narcissist so I hereby stop here.

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