An Encounter With Some Security Officials In France

I had already forgotten about that encounter, but it is now something I want to share.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Skinny Girl In Transit

While watching my beloved Korean drama, Doctors, a friend of mine called to inform me about this new series called “Skinny Girl In Transit“. I asked her if it was a Korean drama (do not mind my compulsion of Korean dramas), she replied, “definitely not!” So anyway I brushed it off and continued what I was watching. I had already forgotten she told me to watch a series of some sort.

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I have always wanted to own a blog. I love writing, but I never took any major step towards achieving it. I decided to end the “waiting game”, and create a blog. A major move? Maybe! Without any doubt, I hope to enjoy this new experience, and share it with other people. Posts might include activities in my life, the world, and my thoughts on different topics. With time comes exposure, and with exposure comes learning. Although short, this first post will be remembered, as a written thought is unforgettable.